Serge Wabeya

Serge Wabeya is not only an accomplished professional but also a distinguished leader, currently serving as the CEO of Mayele Solutions and Maximum Solutions. With a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics and a Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Over the past decade, while working for fortune 500 companies such as Bayer Crop Science and JBS, Serge has demonstrated his ability to enhance company profitability by improving yield value and maintaining cost efficiency.

His leadership style is characterized by servant leadership principles, leading by example, and motivating teams to achieve their highest potential. Serge fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement within his organizations, driving success at every level.

In addition to his impressive professional achievements, Serge is fluent in English, French, Lingala, and Tshiluba, enabling effective communication and collaboration across diverse teams and stakeholders. As CEO, Serge Wabeya is dedicated to driving growth, fostering excellence, and delivering value to both clients and employees alike.

Danny Mulenda

Danny Mulenda is a seasoned professional and visionary leader, currently serving as the CEO of Mulenda Tech and Senior Partner at Mayele Solution. With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Technology and a specialized Internet Programming certificate from Metropolitan State University, Danny's journey from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Dallas, Texas, has been marked by relentless innovation.

His technical mindset, from mastering programming languages like JavaScript, Java, PHP, and C++, to excelling in database management, media production, communications, Project Management and public speaking. Danny's expertise and leadership skills have propelled Mulenda Tech to the forefront of the tech industry, where the company delivers cutting-edge solutions that redefine business operations and customer engagement.

In addition to his role at Mulenda Tech, Danny plays a crucial role as a Senior Partner at Mayele Solution, where his strategic insights and innovative thinking contribute to the company's success. Under Danny's guidance, Mayele Solution continues to thrive and excel in the competitive landscape of technology solutions.

Alongside his professional accomplishments, Danny is known for his commitment to excellence and his ability to inspire teams to surpass expectations. His hands-on approach and dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration have earned him admiration and respect within the industry.